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Rethinq together

We are on a mission: making the world a better place with sustainable business models, setting a new standard in business quality. By combining different specialties and expertise we bring organisations to the next quality level, so they can realise their business potential of sustainability. Do you want to challenge the status quo of business?

Let's rethinq businesses together!


The core...

Our culture is as important as the impact we make. You can recognise a Rethinq-er by: 


We are connectors! We do not only connect people within the process, but also organisations. Together you go further, for real!


We challenge with a twist. We are able to Rethinq like no one else. We challenge you and bring other perspectives. 


We are visually focused. One image can say much more than a thousand words. We make complex things understandable. 

Hands on.png

We are hands-on doers and practical thinkers. We use our energy to make the change happen. 

The network

We are a network organisation, combining our specialities and knowledge to realize the business potential of sustainability for organisations. Creating a better world through sustainable business.
We Rethinq businesses together: 

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