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Double Materiality

The Rethinq double materiality assessment is a pragmatic approach to get insights in your sustainability impact as well as your sustainable business readiness. It will not only help you to determine your sustainable business strategy and story, it also helps you to comply to the requirements of the CSRD. It creates a perfect framework for all further sustainability actions, whether to comply or to proactively harness the opportunities it brings. 

Read further if you​​

  • are subject to the CSRD, want to comply, but also want to use this momentum to explore the business opportunities

  • are not subject to the CSRD but see opportunities in preparing for it

  • want to proactively act on future scope 3 information request from your customers and partners

  • want to know what your impact is on the environment / society and create a proactive approach to sustainable business

  • want to bring the relationship with your stakeholders to another level and tell a compelling story to the outside world

  • want to do a materiality assessment, but in a pragmatic way, quickly transform the outcomes into opportunities 

Our pragmatic approach to actionable business outcomes


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