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How we help 

Rethinq is a strategy and implementation agency that helps you realise the business potential of sustainability. As a prosultant you may expect action based consultancy. We bring action and change based on a strong strategy and help you transform towards a relevant business model with a positive impact on society and the environment. Rethinq your business? This is how we help with our 'Design & Do' approach. 


Action and change are the result of a common language and supported vision. In visual and interactive workshops, we work together in creating a shared perspective on what sustainability can mean for your business, now and in the future. 

Rethinq your business model in 3 steps:

Create insights in sustainability, what customers want and how far you are commercial-, operational- and organisation-wise. 


Take a stand! Choose what you want to be known for and what you commit to. We challenge you to stand up, stand out and get concrete. 


Give meaning to your vision by translating it into what it means in your current business model and potential future business models. 


Creating clarity around the vision and approach, boosting ownership and commitment in the organisation. In this phase we make the vision and strategy very concrete to activate change and progress to start realising your business potential of sustainability. 

Let’s make it happen in 3 steps:

With a concrete action plan and the right support we make sure people get into action, validating and learning on the go.  



Accelerating the change by boosting awareness. Activating your vision and strategy internally and externally to enlarge the impact. 


Vision and strategy are embedded in the organisation, in multiple ways. We challenge you: Are you keeping track? 

Ask our clients about our impact

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The essence of what we do...




With clarity in the organisation people feel included and responsible. Resulting in action and the right decisions. 

Put sustainable business at the heart of the organisation. Make it core in everything you do and decide. 

Define concrete and realistic steps. Creating and monitoring clear ownership. Using a network of specialists to get into action. 

Ready to start? 

Choose one of our following services to start your journey. Or click here to get in touch for a customised approach. 

Sustainable Business


Creating insights in where you stand as a company, if the right conditions are present and in the possible commercial, operational and organisational opportunities.

What we do

  • inventory of sustainability initiatives

  • 3 interviews: creating insights in the conditions and opportunities

  • session to discuss findings


Insights in your Sustainable Business Maturity level, current state of the organisation, opportunities within your commerce, operations and organisation, and next step, consolidated in a visual document. 

Double Materiality 



Creating clarity in the impact of the organisation on environment and society. Preparing for the CSRD. Creating a strong sustainability strategy to harness opportunities. 

What we do

  • 4 stage approach: scope, assess, interpret, act

  • pragmatic approach to come to concrete insights and actions

  • energetic process


Clarity on your sustainable business strategy and story. Compliance to the requirements of the CSRD. A perfect framework for all further sustainability actions, whether to comply or to proactively harness the opportunities it brings. 

Implementation support

Sustainable Business
into practice


Making sustainable business fit your current business model, future business or a specific activity: What does it mean? What is success? and What are we going to do? 

What we do

  • 'define' your commerce, operation, organisation or innovation

  • Workflow: current situation > to be > success metrics > actions


Common language within the business, including clear definitions, ambitions and steps. Creating a clear framework for implementation and monitor progress in the long-term. Consolidated in a visual document. 

Sustainable Strategy



Create a common understanding of sustainable business, what role you want to play, your ambitions and what you want to be known for. 

What we do

  • 'start' and 'stand' phase

  • analysis of available (strategic) documentation

  • 2 energizing workshops


Shared insights (current state, context and customer), clear world view, your definition of sustainable business, strategic focus, ambitions and translation to CSRD/SDG's, consolidated in a visual document. 

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