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Rethinq your business

For companies that want to realise the business potential of sustainability based on  a supporting strategy and an action based implementation. Together we realise a sustainable business with the power of a strong vision which is supported from the heart of the organisation. Rethinq your business!

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Sustainable business by 
vision, change and acceleration

Rethinq is a prosultant; an action based consultant. We bring vision, change and action to the table. The core of prosultancy is creating shared ownership in the organisation and to translate that into concrete actions. We do this by creating a strong and supported vision for the organisation, people that can and want to change, and a concrete action plan. Resulting in a sustainable organisation; a business with a long-term view that is adaptive, responsible and distinctive. 

Business with the
Q of Quality

We are not in an era of change, but in a change of era. Organisations are challenged to positively contribute to a better society and environment. This requires regenerative thinking and redefining the definition of business successes. Building sustainability from the heart of the organisation, resulting in even more quality for your organisation, society and the environment. That is sustainable business! 

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